Horizontal Screen Birol

Advanced vibration technology

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Horizontal screen BIROL®

The horizontal screen BIROL was created for screening, draining and rinsing.
This type of screen is used to limit the overall height.

The product progresses on the grid thanks to a double counterweighted vibrating mechanism adjustable in frequency and amplitude.

Horizontal screen BIROL®

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3 models are available:

• The HZ BIROL is an horizontal screen or with low slope. It is moved by a rectilinear inclined vibration that makes the products moving forward with successive bounces.
Two motor-vibrator equipped with adjustable counterweights at each end of the rotor, are attached directly to the device. They are positioned so that, rotating in opposite direction, they self-synchronize to generate a linear vibratory movement.

• The EV BIROL is an inclined screen ROL type having a greater lengh to allow the product to stay longer on the grid.
The mechanism is mounted above the vibrating part and may be moved longitudinally.

• The AZ BIROL is a screen designed to handle products consisting of grains of suare or round shape such as plastic pellets.
The flat granules progress horizontally on the grid, avoiding the long elements to get stuck into the mesh openings.


  • • Mineral industry
  • • Wood industry, etc.


  • • Screening
  • • Washing and rinsing
  • • Sand and various industries
  • • Draining for careers
  • • Draining coal bauxite
  • • Draining of various minerals
  • • Draining of chemicals
  • • Draining of plastics
  • • Draining of fruits, etc.

Our expertise : “tailored design”

  • • Full integration to your projects
  • • The garantee of durability: finite elements calculations of the carcass to ensure the resistance to vibration
  • • Flexibility of operation
  • • Adjusting parameters accessible (slope, amplitude, speed, screen cloths, etc.)
  • • A know and renowned quality manufacturing





• HZ from 1 to 14 m²/deck

• EV from 1.2 to 9 m²/deck

• AZ from 0.3 to 14 m²/deck


from 1 to 3 decks


Thanks to a structure able to withstand varied stresses, this screen can adapt to many situation.

• 2 shaft lines with counterweights, each driven by a separate motor.

• 2 shaft lines with mechanically synchronized counterweights and driven by a single motor.

• An independent exciter with double mechanically synchronized counterweights (multiple exciters can be mounted on the same beam).

• 2 independent motors with self-synchronized counterweights.


  • • Watering ramps
  • • Finish: painting or galvanizing
  • • Variable speed unit
  • • Engine brake
  • • Casing
  • • Manhole, etc.

shema of the horizontal screen BIROL® : the ideal devioce for small spaces!

horizontal screen birol