Services Chauvin

Advanced vibration technology

Our services

Our services consist in teams of skilled and experienced technicians, involved to assist you with your needs wherever in the world.

Our experience in most varied fields allows us to deal with a maximum of efficiency, problems of screening or sifting, even for new products.

Our design department

Our design department, composed of qualified technicians, is able to addle your most complex applications. A project manager can move on site in order to tailor your machine to your environment and take into account your remarks. Your equipment will be modeled in 3D SOLIDWORKS and calculated vibration with ANSYS in order to qualify the design, and bring you the best technical and economic satisfaction. Our team will then propose to you a validation to reflect your last remarks before a potential production launch.

Our testing platform

A testing platform is at your disposal. It allows to define precisely the type, size and accessories of a device matching with your specifications. It is also possible to provide assistance in the case of an existing plant whose parameters have been changed. Since 1929, more than 40,000 products have been tested.

Our after-sales department

The After-Sales Department operates both in France and around the world to bring you all his assistance. The service has a wide experience in screening and sifting as well as in the various processes of mineral processing and materials.

The After-Sales Department is able to answer quickly to any request and provide their expert services:

  • • Commissioning of new devices
  • • Rehabilitation of vibrating devices
  • • Advice on maintenance and technical assistance to maintain equipment in perfect working condition while improving the conduct of the screening facility ensuring its reliability and productivity.

Our devices are revised and reconditioned in our workshop.

Our spare parts department

The services consists in a very responsive team that provides immediate and rapid supply of spare parts worldwide. We have a stock of over 5,000 references regularly adjusted in order to provide the majority of mechanical parts and first aid equip our machines (wear parts, consumables, repairs, etc.). More than 1,500 customers are served each year in the world and we can track devices installed for 30 years.