About Chauvin

Advanced vibration technology

About us

Since 1929, CHAUVIN is an established specialist in the field of SCREENING, SIFTING, SCALPING, FILTRATION, DRAINING and DECORING.

Our objectives are continually seeking respect of quality, reliability and a constant care to offer the best solutions to your needs.

Vibration technology

Did you know?

Modern techniques of mechanical separation by vibration are likely:

  • • To secure the manufacturing process
  • • To simplify the preparation circuits of materials
  • To improve the productivity of your business
  • • To separate your product in distinct shares

Screening and sieving

The screening and sieving operations consist in separating a granular set into subsets, the larger and smaller for a given dimension.

Sectors of activity

With a full range of devices, we operate in many sectors:

  • • quarries
  • • pits
  • • minerals
  • • food
  • • sugar
  • • distillery
  • • mills/grain
  • • animal feeding
  • • oil mills
  • • chemistry
  • • fertilizer
  • • plastic
  • • pharmacy
  • • glassware
  • • charcoal
  • • wood
  • • paper
  • • environment
  • • foundry/steel
  • • coke

Our history

  • 1929

    CHAUVIN is a French company of about 30 people.
    It was founded in 1929 by Gabriel CHAUVIN, mechanical engineer of ARTS & METIERS.
    We design, manufacture and sell vibrating screening and sifting devices for chemical industries, mineral, pharmaceutical, food, etc.

  • 1930 ...

    1930 : The first to specialize in vibration technology.

    1932 : The first to use unbalanced vibration AND eccentric vibration.

    1937 : The first in France to design gyratory plane sifters (SIFT-GIRAPLAN).

    1939 : The first to apply the vibration to the prefiltering.

    1941 : The first to make his vibrant equipments and screen cloths.

    1945 : The first in France to use vibrators to decoring.

  • 2000

    Launch of a new range of products:
    The HORIZONTAL SCREEN TRIROL© which allows size selection on difficult products from 1 to 150 mm in wet or dry.

  • 2006

    Takeover of the CHAUVIN company by SINEX INDUSTRIE, leading brand of vibrating equipments specially designed for the handling and screening of products in bulk.

  • 2012

    CHAUVIN CHAUVIN joined the global partner of the fertilizer industries FERTIPROCESS, bringing a global expertise and know-how to fertilizer producers. Its members are all leading suppliers in their scope of speciality.

  • 2013

    In 2013 CHAUVIN developp a new communication strategy! New visual identity new website, new communication medias...A real reflection of the evolution of the company: a more dynamic and modern logo and a comprehensive website that provides easy access to information.

  • 2018

    In 2018 CHAUVIN doubled its size and moved to a brand new location to sustain its constant growth. The new site allows to provide an overall better service and the development of new highly performing machines to satisfy its customers' evolving needs.