Decoring Screen

Advanced vibration technology

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Decoring Screen

The decoring screen is used to destroy a mold after casting anf cooling to extract the part.

Decoring of foundry molds from 200kg to 50t in fixed, frame handled by hand or other means of lifting.

Decoring Screen

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3 models are available:

• the devices TZ with horizontal grid:
The feeding of molds is generally done by lifting and handling: the frames are empty and the parts are discharged
For very small molds, these operations can be manual or mechanized to a cretain extent.

Our Decoring Screen TZ is available in simple model for capacity from 0.5ton to 40tons.

• The devices TP with inclined grid:
The molds are fed with lifting and translatory motion, but more usually they are taken by the pusher-cylinder or another automatic system.
The discharge is made continuously forward and the parts are collected either in boxes or by a metallic carrier.

• The devices TBZ with horizontal grid or low rising slope:
This is an alternative rectilinear trajectory machine, the trajectory being forwardly directed and inclined to the horizontal.
The control mechanism is double counterweighted.
The feeding upstream of the machine is done either by direct vibration of the molds, either by routing on fixed cradle, or by spillage
of lumps.
The vibrator is always placed above.


  • • Foundry
  • • Transformation, etc.


  • • Foundry sand
  • • Separation of parts, etc.

Our expertise : “tailored design”

  • • Full integration to your projects.
  • • The guarantee of durability: finite elements calculations of the carcass to ensure the resistance to vibration.
  • • Flexibility of operation.
  • • Adjusting parameters accessible (slope, amplitude, speed, screen cloths, etc.).
  • • A known and renowned quality manufacturing.


Acceleration :



• TP and TZ from 0.5 to 13.5m²/deck

• Multiple Decoring Screen TZ : juxtaposition of 2 or 4 TZ simple devices on the same base (Duplex or Quadruplex).
The abilities of juxtaposed devices add up.
Please note: the abilities for sands with resin are decreased of approximately 20%.

• TBZ from 1 to 13.5m²/deck

Decks :

from 1 to 2 decks


receives at it upper part, the separation grid, a narrowed section for recentering the sand.

• A base resting on the floor generally over a sand discharging belt conveyor.

• A system of elastic suspension supporting the body and the base.

• A vibrator mechanism a vital element of the machine.

The various type of decoring screens vary mainly by their type of mechanism, and therefore by their vibration mode.


  • • Perforated plate
  • • Grid with longitudinal bars
  • • Grid with crossbars
  • • Grid with progressive slots and bars
  • • Grid with progressive slots and bars undercut (prevent jamming of parts), etc.

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