Draining Screen Birol EV

Advanced vibration technology

draining screen birol ev chauvin

Draining Screen BIROL EV

Draining of the solid particules contained in a slurry consisting of an average of 30% liquid and 70% solids.

It is equipped with two counterweighted motors for small models and with two counterweighted mechanisms CHAUVIN BIROL kind offering all the possiblities for vibration settings to suit the product to drain.

Draining Screen BIROL EV

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• A vibratory device adapted drain, wash and rinse the solid particles.

• The draining is carried out on a metal or polyrethane fissures grid.
The solids rejected in the mesh are transported under the effect of the vibration, at counterslope, until the end of the device.
The liquid flows through the grid below the unit.

• Washing or rinsing of the aggregates is achieved bu adding several nozzles to spray water to remove fines stuck on aggregates.


tens of t/hr to hundreds of t/hr.


  • • Food
  • • Mineral industry
  • • Glassware
  • • Foundry sand, etc.


  • • Draining of aggregates
  • • Washing of aggregates
  • • Rinsing of aggregates

Our expertise : “tailored design”

  • • Full integration to your projects
  • • The guarantee of durability: finite elements calculations of the carcass to ensure the resistance to vibration
  • • Flexibility of operation
  • • Adjusting parameters accessible (slope, amplitude, screen cloths, etc.)
  • • A known and renowned quality manufacturing


Acceleration :



from 1.2 to 9 m²


from 1 to 2 decks


• Various equipments: modular panles, stainless steel fissures grids

• High flows

• Effective drainage


  • • Base with sieved liquid collecting tank
  • • Thermal/hydraulic motor
  • • Watering ramps
  • • Finish painting or galvanizing
  • • Direct transmission by universal joint with variable frequency unit
  • • Engine brake
  • • Central lubrification

schema of the Draining Screen BIROL EV

schema of the draining screen birol ev