Sifter Giraplan

Advanced vibration technology

sifter giraplan chauvin

sifter giraplan®

This device is used for selective or safety screening of powder and dry granules in many industries.

The sifter GIRAPLAN has a gyratory motion.

This device is suitable for important flows.

sifter giraplan®

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• Vibrating device with a giratory motion suitable to fine screening of less than a few milimeters solid particles.

•The device is composed of three distinct parts:a fixed base, a rectangular and slightly sloping screening box and
an eccentric mechanism driving the screening box.

• The screening box is completely dust tight.

• Screening is carried on a screen cloth, in metal, polyester or else depending on the product to screen.
Under the effect of the vibration and thanks the low slope, the oversized particles are carried to the outlet of the device.
The particles smaller than the mesh flow through the screen cloth below the device.

• A collecting deck carries the fine particles back to the front of the device.

• Flexible sleeves at the inlet and outlets of the device ensure absolute tightness on the production line.


from a few tons/h to several tens of tons/h.


  • • Mineral
  • • Food
  • • Chemistry, etc.


For selective or safety screening of powders dry granules..

Our expertise : “tailored design”

  • • Full integration to your projects
  • • The guarantee of durability: finite elements calculations of the carcass to ensure the resistance to vibration
  • • Flexibility of operation
  • • Adjusting parameters accessible (slope, amplitude, speed, screen cloths, etc.)
  • • A known and renowned quality manufacturing



from 2.4 to 11.5m²


from 1 to 4 decks.


• Important flows

• High screening efficiency

• Quick opening and closing


  • • Jacks
  • • Guiding system for quick opening and closing
  • • Declogging system (balls)
  • • Ultrasound, etc.