Horizontal Screen Trirol

Advanced vibration technology

horizontal screen trirol chauvin

Horizontal Screen TRIROL®

Size selection of difficult products from 1 to 300mm in wet or dry.

Screen high-reving equipped with a vibrating mechanism with triple counterweights adjustable in frequency and amplitude.

Horizontal Screen TRIROL®

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The TRIROL® device is an horizontal screen equipped with 3 synchronized lines of shafts giving an elliptical trajectory.
It is designed to operate up to 8G acceleration for screening the "very difficult" materials".


thousands T/hr.


  • • Mineral industry
  • • Environment
  • Woodindustry
  • Fertilizerindustry, etc.


  • Aggregates
  • • Wastes
  • • Sand
  • • Wood
  • • Coal
  • • Fertilizer
  • Bulk products
  • • Ore
  • • Ferro-alloys
  • • Glass, etc.

Our expertise : “tailored design”

  • • Full integration to your projects
  • • The garantee of durability:finite element calculations of the carcass to ensure the resistance to vibrations
  • • Flexibility of operation
  • • Adjusting parameters accessible (trajectory, amplitude, speed, screen cloths, etc.)
  • • Inlet and outlets diameters standard or special
  • • Inlet and outlets:central or off center
  • • Handles, lifting lugs, manholes, orientation guide etc.



7 à 8G


from 3.6 to 15.5 m²/deck


from 1 to 4 decks


• With its structure able to withstand stresses as varied, this screen can adapt to many situations.

• The acceleration used in this type of device may be higher than in conventional screens, which generally gives better performance per square meter ofcloths.

• We can already consider that the screening surfaces will reduce a significant way for an equivalent flow:about 40%

• This allows the manufacture of screens less bulky and lighter for the same flow.


  • • Water spraying
  • • Finish:painting or galvanizing
  • • Direct drive by universal joint
  • • Variable speed unit
  • • Engine brake
  • • Central lubrification
  • • Static hood
  • • Manhole, etc.

schema of thehorizontal screen trirol® horizontal: compact performance!

schema horizontal screen trirol

Innovation: Digital high performance trirol®

The new generation of horizontal screens is equipped with control device.
This function allows to push the limits of screening difficult materials.


  • • Changing the speed or angle of attack is very simple and without stopping the machine.
  • • Simply enter the desired setting and the device adjusts almost instantaneously while running.
  • • It can be programmed to self-cleaning sequences defined in order to adapt to the clogging or picking product.


  • Respect for the environment:noise reduction and lower energy consumption
    (anticipation of regulations and security requirements).
  • • Easy installation because more compact (less high than an inclined screen).
  • • Large space between decks for better ergonomics and maintenance.
digital trirol