Grizzly Screen

Advanced vibration technology

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The Grizzly Screen

is used for primary screening before fragmentation.

It is a sturdy screen equipped with grizzly or perforated plates mounted staggered in order to make the blocks to tip over.
The mechanism type ROL allows a quick adjustement of the vibration amplitude.

Grizzly Screen

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• Grizzly Screen for any classification in primary.

• For pre-screening before crushing and for eliminating the smaller dirty, muddy or clayey products.

• It combines high efficiency, low maintenance and economic operation cost.


thousands T/hr


  • • Mineral industry
  • • Quarries, etc.


  • • Granulates
  • • Minerals
  • • Phosphate, etc.

Our expertise : “tailored design”

  • • Full integration to your projects
  • • The guarantee of durability: finite elements calculations of the carcass to ensure the resistance to vibrations
  • • Flexibility of operation.
  • • Adjusting parameters accessible (slope, amplitude, speed, screen cloths, etc.)
  • • A known and renowned quality manufacturing



3 to 4G


from 0.8 to 16 m²/deck

from 1 to 2 decks


• The Grizzly Screen is particulary strengthened in order to withstand the difficult feeding conditions in primary screening.

• The vibrating part or "carcass"" is based on a fixed frame by the mean of elastic suspensions isolating the carcass while leaving it oscillate.

• The vibrator mechanism has 1 to 3 high speed turning shafts. Each half-turn, these shafts cause a shock produced by the centrifugal force developed by counterweights.

⇒ The grizzly screen is generally made up of grizzly in special steel anti abrasion in the first deck.
Many panels are mounted staggered to provoke the fall of blocs and make easier the separation of fine products.

⇒ In the second deck, it is constituted of high resistance steel grids to remove fine materials.


  • • Finish: painting or galvanizing
  • • Direct drive by universal joint
  • • Variable speed unit
  • • Engine brake
  • • Shielding of the entire device with anti-abrasion plates
  • • Vibrating rods, etc.

schema of the G: robust design to go through the years

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